Shae Foudy

Professional SUP

Female Stand Up Paddleboarder of
The Year by @SUPthemag

What I love about Vitargo: It’s clean & vegan

“Vitargo is a product that I can truly, truly trust and it gives me confidence going into race day knowing that I have that source of fuel that I’m going to need.”

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“I’m commonly doing between 5 mile to 16 mile races so having a good carbohydrate source is super important as a lot of athletes and endurance athletes especially would know.”

Vitargo is the sole product that I use when it comes to competition-time. Knowing where it comes from and knowing that it’s clean and it’s a pretty simple product makes me super happy because I can trust that I’m getting clean, good resourceful fuel.”

Shae Foudy is a professional stand up paddleboarder born and raised in Dana Point, California. Shae has been using Vitargo for training and competition because she trusts in the product and the ingredients that go into it. Vitargo has given her the confidence to know that her body won’t bonk during a race and the ability to do back to back training sessions with optimal recovery.