Carbs Are King

When it comes to high intensity training, carbs are KING.

Let us explain…

Fuel is needed for a fire to burn, a car to run, and a body to function. How best to fuel and what to fuel with depends on the desired outcome.

• Candles use wax (think fat) for a slow, steady burn.
• High performance race cars require high-octane fuel (think carb).
Your body is no different.

If the demands for energy are low, like a candle, the body can function on fat for fuel.

If you’re looking for high performance, like a sports car, the science is clear. Your body demands one fuel source over all others — carbohydrate.

Working muscles burn fuel. The body has energy stores in the form of fats and blood sugar, though calories do need replacing when you exercise with reasonable intensity for long enough. Without replenishment of fuel, the car runs out of gas, the athlete bonks.

Whether you’re trying to get back into shape or going for the Olympic gold, the harder and longer you train, the better you will become.

The human body can utilize both fats and carbohydrates as fuel sources to power the body but when it comes to pushing the boundaries of human performance, carbs are KING.

But not all carbs are created equal. Speed to the muscle matters, and no other sports drink gets to the muscle faster than Vitargo.

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Pre-fuel yet feel empty enough to train hard.

Too tired to workout? Need some fuel in your tank? No need to train empty to maintain stomach comfort anymore! Within 10 minutes Vitargo is emptying from your stomach to deliver high-octane fuel to your muscle and brain cells. You can finally fully fuel your training yet feel empty enough to train.

Stacks well with: Low or no-carb Preworkout for increased blood-flow and pump


Re-fuel during your training.

Vitargo blows the doors off of carbohydrate fuel replenishment during exercise, getting glucose to muscle cells faster. Your brain and bloodstream need the critical signal that you’ve got fuel on board—full speed ahead to burn energy!

Vitargo is regularly used during exercise without any time between consumption and exercise. So take it for a test ride or run and figure out what works best for you.

Stacks well with: BCAAs for indurance and energy


Re-fuel during your training.


Recover – Same Day RecoveryTM

Muscle refueling, repair and recovery will help athletes achieve peak performance. Quick insulin secretion post workout allows for rapid uptake of elements of recovery like glucose, amino acids, creatine and carnitine. Research shows that Vitargo raises insulin higher and faster than any other carb source making it the perfect mediator.

If you are training or competing in multiple, same-day bouts or the very next day, Vitargo is proven to accelerate refueling and recovery after exhaustive exercise compared to other sports drinks.

Stacks well with: Protein + Creatine + L-Carnitine for enhanced recovery and protein utilization/uptake via insulin secretion

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Ready to push yourself beyond what you thought possible,
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