USA Weightlifting

“Reliable nutrition is a crucial component on every athlete’s journey to greatness, from platforms at clubs across the nation to sport’s most premier international stages,” USA Weightlifting CEO Phil Andrews said. “We are thrilled to work with a leading sports nutrition company in Vitargo.”

“Our team has been working with elite athletes across multiple sports for a long time, including multiple Olympic medalists and American record holders,” Vitargo CEO, Bernadette (Bernie) Wooster says. “We are beyond excited to be partnering with USA Weightlifting and to be fueling the performances of some of the strongest athletes in our country and throughout the world.”

Weightlifting requires athletes to be properly fueled. Sugary beverages, candy, and sweets provide a quick spike in energy generally followed by a rapid crash. More coaches and athletes are turning to Vitargo to support their nutritional strategies to manage demanding training schedules, high volume training sessions, and competitions.

Vitargo, the world’s fastest sports drink from mouth to muscle, fueling athletes of every level for the past 20 years, is honored to be selected as the official sports nutrition partner of USA Weightlifting. The partnership will help bring the fastest muscle fuel and same-day recovery drink into the lives of the nation’s strongest athletes.

When top weightlifting coaches and athletes were asked why they fuel their training with Vitargo, this is what they said:

“I first learned of Vitargo  a few years ago when I competed in CrossFit. Vitargo was recommended to me and it was a game changer!! I would sip on it from start to finish of my 2+ hour training session and I never felt depleted. Fast forward to 2021, one of my athlete’s was feeling dizzy during jerks. We immediately ordered some and it was an absolute game changer for the athlete’s jerks. Volume, especially with a session of both snatch and clean and jerk have become a lot more manageable. I have since gotten several of my athlete’s taking Vitargo.”

– Crystal McCullough Bellator Barbell, CSCS, USA Weightlifting International Coach.

“I have been using Vitargo since I started weightlifting competitively. It came highly recommended by a nutrition coach at the time. Vitargo makes me feel fantastic in the back room because there is no sugar crash and it feels like a secret formula to enhanced performance due to the steady energy level it provides!! I’ve also haven’t experienced any bloating or upset stomach on competition day since I replaced my candy with Vitargo.”

– Sarah Wright Team USA Athlete, Bachelors in Nutrition and Dietetics, USA Weightlifting 2020 National Champion, and USA Weightlifting American Open Champion 2022.

“I first heard about Vitargo when I was seventeen years old. I was getting really dizzy during jerks, and needed something to help. I found out about Vitargo and have been using it ever since. I usually take it before I workout, but also during my jerk and snatch workouts when it’s hot. I love it!”

– Morgan McCullough Team USA Athlete, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach (Level 1), Lenoir Rhyne University-Exercise Science Major, Youngest American to Clean and Jerk 400lbs, 5 Youth American Records.

We understand that clean and safe ingredients are important to our community. The highly regarded raw starch of Vitargo comes from specially selected and strict non-GMO contract farming in the southeast of Sweden. Each and every batch is tested by an accredited laboratory.

The manufacturing of our final product is done in the United States at a cGMP facility. Every batch of Vitargo is tested by the BSCG® and certified drug-free with the added benefit of being naturally gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan.

Vitargo is made through a special fractionation process that makes it rapidly digestible and therefore capable of delivering glucose to the blood, liver, and muscle at over twice the speed of ordinary carbohydrates.