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Area 3 Endurance provides customized performance coaching programs for endurance athletes in the triathlon disciplines: swimming, cycling and running. Through training sessions that build strength and durability, our athletes eliminate junk mileage, achieve a healthier life balance, and take their performances to the next level.


We understand that no two athletes are the same, and that each competitor has his or her own specific goals to reach. With that in mind, Area 3 Endurance customizes each client’s program so that our coaching is designed to support the appropriate endurance goals. During your initial meeting, we assess your personal objectives; from that point forward, your coaching program is engineered to achieve them.


We value and respect each client’s unique lifestyle and background, both as an athlete and a person. This is all factored into every personalized coaching program. Because each client comes to us with a different history, career and set of family obligations, they each adapt to the coaching workload at a different pace. A highly individualized coaching plan respects the differences in each athlete’s lifestyle.


Area 3 Endurance coaching specializes in results-driven programs. Whether you are a new competitor looking to finish your first endurance event or a seasoned athlete desiring to take your performance to the next level, we aim to help you achieve the outcome you have envisioned for yourself. Part of our customization model is scaling each client’s coaching sessions to his or her own desired event results.