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When it comes to high intensity training, Vitargo is KING. Vitargo is the proven, clean, and superior carbohydrate that outperforms the competition in speed, recovery, and performance.

Speed — Fastest Body Fuel™
A carbohydrate fuel that moves out of the stomach and to the muscle the fastest helps to alleviate stomach discomfort and fuel your working muscles sooner. Vitargo gets from mouth to muscle 2.3x faster than all other sports drinks. Pre-fuel, refuel and recover with the speed and comfort of Vitargo—no bloating, no crashing.

Recovery — Same Day Recovery™
By repairing and refueling your depleted muscles immediately following your intense training session, you will take advantage of the highly publicized “anabolic window.” This brief window of opportunity is when your body will drastically absorb and utilize nutrients—much like a sponge to water— in order to build more muscle. Replenishing muscle glycogen as fast and fully as possible after intense training is key to maximizing muscle recovery. Vitargo will replenish your depleted fuel reserves 70% faster and 77% greater than any other carbohydrate, leaving your muscles full, fed and fueled for your next workout.

When it comes to what you put into your body, make sure the product delivers on its promises—Proof Before Promises™. The research shows that Vitargo can increase your performance by up to 23% compared to other sports drinks. Why settle for 2nd best? The research is clear, Vitargo is faster in fueling your performance so you can achieve your peak.

Proven — Proof Before Promises™
All of our product claims are grounded in REAL science back by peer-reviewed, published, University studies in humans on our product formulation.

Vitargo is offered in 6 natural flavors (Fruit Punch, Grape, Lemon Lime, Mango, Orange, Watermelon) and Plain. It is certified BSCG Drug-Free (Banned Substance Control Group), gluten-free, halal, and kosher. Vitargo is naturally sugar-free and vegan.

University studies show that Vitargo outperforms Maltodextrin, Waxy Maize, HBCD, Super-Starch and other Proprietary Blends in speed, recovery, and performance.

How to Use

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How To Use

Before: Vitargo begins to empty from your stomach within 10 minutes and most people like to begin exercise between 20-60 minutes after taking Vitargo. On the other hand, Vitargo is regularly used during exercise without any time between consumption and exercise. Take it for a test ride or run and figure out what works best for you.

During: Workouts, training sessions, and competitive events that last longer than 60-90 minutes will benefit from re-fueling approximately every 45-60 minutes, and your exact timing will depend on when you drank your pre-workout dose. Your hourly carbohydrate gram need is personalized for you in the carb calculator. You want to be ahead of your energy burn rate, meaning that you want to have taken your Vitargo before your tank runs low, giving time for stomach emptying and digestion to begin: about 15-20 minutes.

After: Post-training or post-event, as soon as possible use Vitargo alone or Vitargo plus protein to begin the processes to refuel, recover, repair and grow. Then go eat a great meal. For those with very high carbohydrate and protein needs, a second serving of Vitargo or Vitargo plus protein may be beneficial later in the day.

How to make a gel: Start by putting the Vitargo powder into a small bowl. For every 1 scoop of Vitargo, add 1.5 to 2 ounces of water depending on your desired consistency. Stir with a spoon for about 1 minute. Then let the gel sit for roughly 5 minutes until it becomes clear. Transfer the Vitargo gel into a gel sport bottle and you are ready to go!

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John L.

Still testing

So far it’s been good for extra energy. Still testing

Eric W.

Best Carb there is

Avid user of Vitargo for over 8 years and counting. There’s no better product out there.

Vitargo Online Store

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don a.


Great produce, easy to mix, no bloating, great taste, steady energy source. Using this product allows me to cut out the need for a pre workout energy boosts which elevated my heart rate. Vitargo also aids in blood pump. Great value as well. I find best results for me is two scoops before and during and one scoop after with a mono creatine.

Victoria S.

Out of orange

Out of orange but the grape is great!

Shane M.

Best taste ever!

2 scoops iso, 2 scoops Vitargo. Simply the best! Amazing product.

Clayton D.

The "NOT SO GREAT" Mix-ability debate ... After all, "Who" in this Century... follows " Use instructions on labels, anyway?'

This is Great Stuff! Really! Biggest complaint I’m reading about is “MIX-ABILITY! Well, let’s address that with a “Common knowledge “ answer. Sorry, I refuse to call it common sense, because apparently, “THATS NOT TOO COMMON!” DON’T any of you guys-n-gals own a Ninja, or ant other type of BLENDER? Geezus guys, this is such a simple cure to that mixing issue, and it taste GREAT after being mixed with a Ninja Blender! Even after sitting & chilling in the refrigerator for a few days, you don’t even need to shake it to remix, because it stays mixed; just drink up! Personally, I pour the contents of 3 Dasani 16.9 ounce water bottles into my 72 ounce / (9 cup) / (2.1L) Ninja Blender, then add 5 scoops of Vitargo S2 ... close lid, plug blender to power, pulse once to start circulation, then power up on low, then med, then hi... only if you’re feeling it! Blend for about a minute... ITS A DONE DEAL! I’m not a chemist, nor a rocket scientist! I’m just ME! Pour the mixed contents back into the empty Dasani water bottles!. Take ‘em to the gym, to work, whenever & where ever. Mix ‘em ahead, just like you’re preparing your weekly meals. ITS SO EASY,EVEN A _______ ________ can nail this! "I LOVE THE HIGH ENERGY & POWER OUTPUT RUSH I GET FROM USING THIS PRODUCT! I recently posted the above review on Amazon.com & Bodybuilding.com, because that is where I made my purchases! Just thinking out loud now, If the makers of this great product would "quietly remove" the mixing instructions on the product label, I'm pretty sure "Sales" would go up and "User reviews" would better reflect just how great this product is, because people "would" learn what it takes to "MIX" the product on their own! BTW, have fun trying to mix this stuff with shaker bottles, with or without blender balls... It's not going to end well for MOST! Then again... "DO we really need to give people something else to complain about???? If "ALL" else fails, blame it on "TRUMP!" :-)

Bruce C.
United States

5 stars

Great product and services

Chris B.
United States

Have always loved Vitargo

I make sure to use this after a workout that was to exhaustion. If I just do a light workout, I dont use it. Was introduced to it several years ago by Jessie Godderz and havent looked back since.

Chris B. verified customer review of Orange 50 Scoop

Excellent supplement

Love this stuff. Was introduced to it by Jessie Godderz 7 years ago. 7 years later, I still use it. How many people can say they still use a supplement that they've used 7 years ago. Not many! I love stacking this with Labrada SuperCharge and Scivation BCAA. Awesome stack! Awesome results!

United States

I love the orange!

I love the orange!

United States


Love the products I received! all the flavors are great

United States

Super convenient

Blends easily in a shaker bottle and the orange flavor tastes great!

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