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Timothy D.

Delicious product

I train a lot and have to say this product not only has great flavor but mixes well and is delicious

Katherine B.

Sustained Energy and Better Recovery

I strength train 2 hours per day 5x per week and was struggling with feeling nauseous after workouts, especially late the week. I knew I wasn't recovering as well as I could and was feeling a little depleted. I've been really happy with how I feel using Vitargo during workouts. My energy is much better throughout the entire session, which helps me make the most out of my time! I've also felt better recovered workout to workout. I can get to the end of the week and still push!

Finley G.

Love Vitargo

Loved my experience just ordering vitargo for the first time. It came quickly and they even gave me an extra container for free! What a surprise!

Redmann W.

Fruit punch flavor

Taste - is good! This flavor has a balanced fruity taste, and not that old fashioned fruit punch rough taste. I definitely try it again

Kelechi O.


So glad I got to have a do over Review. Working out never felt this good.

Kelechi O.

Lost shipment

Funny how I’m being asked about a product that was ordered about two weeks ago that I never got. Still waiting for this to get to me.

Efrain J.

So far so good

So far so good

Kafele R.

Love It!

I love using Vitargo! It gives me the extra carbohydrates that I need! It definitely gives me the extra boost of energy for my workouts to with my trainer! I’m glad I got this product!

Daniel S.

Fruit Punch is amazing, planning

Fruit Punch is amazing, planning on using Vitargo for a very long time, wife loves the grape


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Matthew J.

Fruit Punch 20 Scoop

I love this product. The ingredients seem to be whole, and the flavor is very satisfying. I need the extra calories in my day, and it does not make my stomach hurt, or feel heavy. It mixes up very well in my standard shaker cup, and if you follow the directions on the container you will not have any sediment. Fantastic product!!

Chad L.

Amazing product

Hands down the best carb source out there. No bloat and just a great pump every time it’s consumed. The science Behind it backs it up also. Thank you Vitargo

Kerry S.
United States

Vitargo Fruit Punch

The flavor of the product is very good and sits well on the stomach during long training rides. I find this product the best for post workout with creatine but I would love to find out how I can use the product for endurance events without the product turning to gel in the bottom of my water bottle or how to make the product into a gel that does not harden up after a period of time. Despite mixing the powder as instructed on the side of the canister I find that it mixes very well to start with but after a period of time in my water bottles it tends to settle at the bottom and gels up despite shaking the bottle vigorously. I have also attempted to make it into a gel and found that despite the consistency being good when mixing initially and it easily comes out of my gel tube when first made the gel does becomes extremely thick to the point of not being able to extract the gel from my bottle, the products seems to go hard. Maybe need to add additional water and make the gel much thinner to allow for thickening (8oz water to 6 scoops).

Kaya S.
United States


I love vitargo. After weighins for wrestling it’s the first thing I drink.

Jonathan P.

Vitargo has been an integral

Vitargo has been an integral part of my training regimen for several months now. My overall energy level and stamina has increased while using the plant based carbohydrate in my routine. Ordering online is quick & easy. Even when I placed my order incorrectly, I called Vitargo and spoke with Amanda. She efficiently handled my issue without missing a beat


When it comes to high intensity training, Vitargo is KING. Vitargo is the proven, clean, and superior carbohydrate that outperforms the competition in speed, recovery, and performance.

Speed — Fastest Body Fuel™
A carbohydrate fuel that moves out of the stomach and to the muscle the fastest helps to alleviate stomach discomfort and fuel your working muscles sooner. Vitargo gets from mouth to muscle 2.3x faster than all other sports drinks. Pre-fuel, refuel and recover with the speed and comfort of Vitargo—no bloating, no crashing.

Recovery — Same Day Recovery™
By repairing and refueling your depleted muscles immediately following your intense training session, you will take advantage of the highly publicized “anabolic window.” This brief window of opportunity is when your body will drastically absorb and utilize nutrients—much like a sponge to water— in order to build more muscle. Replenishing muscle glycogen as fast and fully as possible after intense training is key to maximizing muscle recovery. Vitargo will replenish your depleted fuel reserves 70% faster and 77% greater than any other carbohydrate, leaving your muscles full, fed and fueled for your next workout.

When it comes to what you put into your body, make sure the product delivers on its promises—Proof Before Promises™. The research shows that Vitargo can increase your performance by up to 23% compared to other sports drinks. Why settle for 2nd best? The research is clear, Vitargo is faster in fueling your performance so you can achieve your peak.

Proven — Proof Before Promises™
All of our product claims are grounded in REAL science back by peer-reviewed, published, University studies in humans on our product formulation.

Vitargo is offered in 6 natural flavors (Fruit Punch, Grape, Lemon Lime, Mango, Orange, Watermelon) and Plain. It is certified BSCG Drug-Free (Banned Substance Control Group), gluten-free, halal, and kosher. Vitargo is naturally sugar-free and vegan.

University studies show that Vitargo outperforms Maltodextrin, Waxy Maize, HBCD, Super-Starch and other Proprietary Blends in speed, recovery, and performance.

How to Use

Scoop Calculator

How To Use

Before: Vitargo begins to empty from your stomach within 10 minutes and most people like to begin exercise between 20-60 minutes after taking Vitargo. On the other hand, Vitargo is regularly used during exercise without any time between consumption and exercise. Take it for a test ride or run and figure out what works best for you.

During: Workouts, training sessions, and competitive events that last longer than 60-90 minutes will benefit from re-fueling approximately every 45-60 minutes, and your exact timing will depend on when you drank your pre-workout dose. Your hourly carbohydrate gram need is personalized for you in the carb calculator. You want to be ahead of your energy burn rate, meaning that you want to have taken your Vitargo before your tank runs low, giving time for stomach emptying and digestion to begin: about 15-20 minutes.

After: Post-training or post-event, as soon as possible use Vitargo alone or Vitargo plus protein to begin the processes to refuel, recover, repair and grow. Then go eat a great meal. For those with very high carbohydrate and protein needs, a second serving of Vitargo or Vitargo plus protein may be beneficial later in the day.

How to make a gel: Start by putting the Vitargo powder into a small bowl. For every 1 scoop of Vitargo, add 1.5 to 2 ounces of water depending on your desired consistency. Stir with a spoon for about 1 minute. Then let the gel sit for roughly 5 minutes until it becomes clear. Transfer the Vitargo gel into a gel sport bottle and you are ready to go!