Post Workout Recovery Drink

To achieve peak performance, proteins as well as carbohydrates are necessary for post workout recovery. Protein help the body…. Needing to replenish your depleted muscles? You’re going to need some carbs… and fast. It’s time for Vitargo, the fastest carb mouth to muscle post workout recovery drink. Not only does Vitargo lead to 70%+ higher and faster muscle fuel recovery just 2 hours after exhaustive exercise, athletic performance is enhanced by up to 23% compared to other sports drinks. That’s measurable recovery. Quick insulin secretion post workout allows for rapid uptake of elements of recovery like glucose, amino acids, creatine and carnitine.

Research shows that Vitargo raises insulin higher and faster than any other sports drink making it the perfect mediator for these recovery elements. Combine your favorite protein with Vitargo for a post workout recovery drink that will help you begin the processes to refuel, recovery, repair and grow.