There is NO time to waste. Training, nutrition, making weight, the fight, going for the KO… they all live and die by the clock. The fighter who navigates that time the best wins.

Whether it’s after training or the moment you step off the scale post weigh-in, the time to recover is ticking away, ticking toward the battle in the cage. It’s critical to rehydrate and refuel your depleted body for the fastest, fullest recovery you can get.

No other sports drink will rehydrate, refuel, and fully recover your body faster than Vitargo—the fastest mouth to muscle, carbohydrate-rich all sports drink. Speed. Recovery. Performance.

Vitargo is selected official sports drink for rehydration, refueling and recovery supporting the 11th Annual World MMA Awards.

Vitargo, the world’s fastest sports drink from mouth to muscle, fueling athletes of every level for the past 20 years, is honored to be selected as the sports drink and title sponsor of the 2019 World MMA Awards.

The 11th Annual MMA Awards celebrate the very best in MMA fighters from 2018. At the July 3, 2019 event at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, NV, Vitargo was selected as the title rights for TV broadcast and digital media, that reached more than 10 million viewers.

This year’s event was aired live and in full on ESPN+. A one-hour highlight show recapping the event is airing on CBS Sports Network via tape delay on Saturday, June 20th at 11 p.m. ET. The syndicated replay schedule is not yet available

Live Stream: ESPN+

TV Info: CBS Sports Network (via tape delay)

“The advances in understanding how specialist nutrition effects the body and its athletic performance are mind-blowing. Vitargo is at the forefront of providing athletes with safe, sports approved supplementation that helps them. Weight cutting in Combat Sports has always been an undesired, unpleasurable and sometimes dangerous process, safe and effective recovery is key. It’s an honor to have Vitargo as part of this year’s event, the health and performance benefits they provide fighters around the world, defined by scientific research and testing is worthy of an award in itself!”

– Rob Hewitt, CEO of i2media Group, the parent company of Fighters Only.

From the moment a fighter steps off the scale, the only thing that matters is speed. Vitargo delivers the fastest refuel and rehydration for superior recovery and performance in body and mind.

“Fighting Sports require that you be the fastest, strongest and most powerful athlete with the sharpest mind to win. Fighters typically dehydrate and deplete their bodies prior to a sanctioned bout in order to compete within the lightest weight category possible for their stature. Refueling and replenishing the body as effectively as possible within the 24-hour window between weigh-ins and fighting can provide a competitive advantage in size and strength as well as the energy needed to go full power for 5 rounds! At the moment when speed matters, Vitargo delivers the fastest refuel and rehydration for superior recovery and performance in body and mind. Vitargo is the world’s fastest carbohydrate from mouth to muscle, no bloat and no crash, and we have the data to prove it! We are proud to be the official fuel and recovery drink of the World MMA Awards, invigorating fighters for the win and fueling their dreams!”

Dr. Susan Kleiner, Director of Science and Communications, Vitargo, Inc.

Whether MMA, boxing, or the array of traditional martial arts from around the world, more coaches are turning to data to support strategies for training their athletes. However, the dietary approaches to making weight and recovering for the fight are more often left to old traditions within the sport.

When we asked fight coaches why they train their athletes with Vitargo this is what they told us:

“One word—SPEED. Speed of digestion and assimilation. Fight sport athletes train 2-3 times per day, 6 days per week. Speed of recovery is the name of the game.”

– Coach and Fighter Chris Algieri, WBO World Boxing Champion, 2x World Kickboxing Champion, Performance Nutrition Coach, and Author of The Fighter’s Kitchen.

“Vitargo is fighter’s gold. It makes the entire weight cutting process safer and more effective because of its ability to expedite fueling and rehydration. It’s very valuable for intra-fueling for sessions. Vitargo is the bedrock of my rehydration protocol. It is the fastest glycogen return to the blood, brain, liver and muscle, and it’s a tasty drink. We take Vitargo right off the scale. It is an intramuscular re-hydrator. The fighters are so glycogen depleted so the fluid goes into the muscle with glycogen. We use it as a pre-fuel on days with multiple sessions.”

– Coach Tony Ricci D.Sc, MS, FISSN, CSCS, PES, CDN, CNS® Assistant Professor- Exercise Physiology & Nutrition, LIU Brooklyn FIGHTSHAPE INT’L LLC – Director of Performance & Fight Science

“It works! The data and real-world experience speak volumes.”

– Coach Doug Kalman Adjunct Professor, Nova Southeastern University, Performance Nutritionist/- Coach, Masters Level USA Boxing

Vitargo is made through a special fractionation process that makes it rapidly digestible and therefore capable of delivering glucose to the blood, liver, and muscle at least twice as fast as other ordinary carbohydrates. It is sugar-free, gluten-free, certified drug-free, Kosher and Halal, and causes no stomach upset, no bloat and no crash. It is the secret weapon of elite athletes around the world, yet it is not exclusive for athletes.