Trenton knows that to be the best, he has to be surrounded by the best from coaching and training, to sleep and nutrition, Trenton has found the winning combination to achieve his dreams.

Trenton Julian Butterfly

“I was introduced to Vitargo as a Freshman at Cal Berkeley by Coach Dave Durden

I am currently an Interdisciplinary Studies major, where I am focusing on sports psychology. My plans after my swimming career are to stay involved in the sport and become a coach. A big impact in my swimming came from my freshman year, where I went from an average division 1 swimmer to an NCAA A finalist. This jump came after months of injury and rehab, where I had a lot of doubts about how good I could be or if I would even be able to swim at the same level anymore. My long term goal in swimming is to be on top of the Olympic podium.

5am Workouts

I drink Vitargo before my morning practices because it’s simply the best and fastest way to be fueled and be into the pool on time.

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