Dr. Andy Reed

Ultra Trail Runner

I’d rather sleep in
the back of my truck than in
a 4-star hotel.

Favorite Flavor: Lemon Lime

“I’m a trail runner and Sports Medicine MD from Canmore, Alberta who likes to go long! Nothing beats 100 miles in the mountains.”

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Trail and ultra runners know that calorie replacement during long training runs and races is something they must contend with in order to achieve peak performance.

Finding the right supplement can be a challenge. Runners strive to feed their working muscles while maintaining stomach comfort. Trail runner and ultra marathoner Andy Reed is among such athletes.

Reed found success with Vitargo, a unique carb supplement he uses before, during, and after his races as well as in his daily training. Before hitting the trail, Dr. Reed mixes a scoop or two of Vitargo with water. He continues to take Vitargo during his longer runs to fuel himself and avoid the dreaded “bonk”. Because Vitargo is proven to empty from the stomach 2.3x faster than all other sports drinks, Dr. Reed knows that not only does this provide great stomach comfort, his muscles get the “green light” sooner than they would if he was fueling with the other options (fats, proteins, sugars, or maltodextrin products).

If Dr. Reed plans to run multiple days in a row, he will make sure to have another scoop of Vitargo after the run for his recovery, which again, because of the speed of this carb, muscle glycogen recovery is proven to be faster and greater than the competitive products. Going into the next training session fully fueled will ensure Dr. Reed has the ability to achieve peak performance and extend the boundaries of his fitness day after day.

During ultramarathons, Dr. Reed relies on the liquid calories from Vitargo to power him through to the finish line. Reed is a fan of all of the different Vitargo flavors but has a favorite: the new Lemon-Lime.

For Dr. Andy Reed, Vitargo is an integral part of his training and race regimen. It is also important to him as a sports medicine doctor, that the Vitargo carb supplement is backed by solid science.