A new look outside, same great fuel inside! 

Vitargo has metamorphosed into a powerful new version of our self. We’ve rebuilt our website and curated our social media platforms to engage with our community. We have new flavors and a brighter look, and we are embracing our power to fuel exercisers at all levels, from everyday beginners to fitness enthusiasts, to elite and competitive athletes in all sports.

I imagine you’ve noticed that we’ve got a new blog, and I have the honor of representing the company as Director of Science and Communication. We have an elite team of professionals in place in our home office, here to support the needs of our customers and followers.

What has not changed is our world-class fuel, Vitargo, backed by scientific data unparalleled in the sports world. Our multiple peer-reviewed published research studies support that

Vitargo is the fastest body fuel for before and during training and competition.

Vitargo leads to the fastest and most robust muscle glycogen replenishment for same-day recovery.

Vitargo enhances performance a minimum of 10% and up to 23% after glycogen-depleting exhaustive exercise!!

Vitargo you can fully fuel your training yet feel empty enough to train…no bloat, no stomach discomfort.

I’ll be writing regularly here in the blog about all things sports nutrition, and in our Tip Tuesdays. Follow and share our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts to see what our athletes are doing and read and hear what people are saying about Vitargo from the inside, and the outside. Join our community to have a say when we post surveys to learn what you need and what directions we should take with our products. And don’t miss the fun challenges and opportunities to win prizes!

Keep going strong!

Dr. Sue

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