Cpt Shevez Freeman

Cpt Shevez Freeman

U.S. Army Captain
Military Science Instructor

I trust Vitargo to help me stay
fueled and ready to compete, train,
and fight at the highest levels

CrossFit Competitor
and CrossFit Coach

“When I was new to the sport of CrossFit I quickly learned that nutrition was a huge part of staying competition ready and fueling my muscles to train and compete at the highest level.”

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I am an Active Duty Captain in the U.S. Army, serving as a Military Science Instructor at the University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA). I am also both a CrossFit Competitor and a CrossFit Coach. I’ve been using Vitargo since I started CrossFit in 2012.

When I was new to the sport of CrossFit I quickly learned that nutrition was a huge part of staying competition ready and fueling my muscles to train and compete at the highest level. I first tried Vitargo when I won a sample in a gift bag from a competition, and I loved it. Then later in 2014, while competing in the Southern Amateur Grid League (SAGL) as a Barbell Specialist the founder at the time saw my performance and offered me the opportunity to become a Brand Ambassador. Our relationship became official from there.

I have competed on some of the biggest stages in CrossFit, to include 2013 Mid Atlantic Reebok CrossFit Regionals (Team), Wodapalooza Fitness Festival (2016 – RX Individual, 2018 RX Female Team), and the 2017 Kill Cliff Granite Games (Pro Female Team), just to name a few. I have also competed in the past six years in local competitions all over the Mid Atlantic and South East Regions. Throughout all my years of competition, Vitargo has been my go-to carbohydrate source both intra and post workout.

While I have focused this past year on coaching, teaching, and working with athletes, both in and out of the military, I am looking forward to competing again very soon. Some competitions I’m most looking forward to in 2020 are The Wodapalooza Fitness Festival, Kill Cliff Granite Games, and The Fittest Experience, among others.

Outside of the competition world, I am also a single mother, and a mentor and instructor for the next generation of Military Leaders, so I will continue to be the best example for them that I can be. That means staying healthy, and I will continue to trust Vitargo to help me stay fueled and ready to compete, train, and fight at the highest levels.

Tyler Ray (“Wolverine”)

Tyler “Wolverine” Ray

Former hockey player
turned mixed martial artist


Vitargo is especially critical
after weigh-ins

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Tyler Ray Takeover – weigh-ins July 11, 2019 @vitargo Instagram

LFA Welterweight bout
Ray vs. Pulley
Live on AXS.tv July 12, 2019

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“Through discipline comes freedom.” – Aristotle

This quote pretty much sums up my lifestyle. I train and compete with the best fighters in the world and will soon be amongst the greatest in the UFC.

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Tyler’s take on it.
Nutrition is key when competing at the highest level and that is where Vitargo comes into play for me. I monitor everything I put into my body very closely and getting the proper carbohydrates to refuel and recover for the next training session is crucial. I use Vitargo everyday, multiple times a day to make sure my body is recovered and refueled. We train 2-3x a day 6 days a week.

Vitargo will always be in my pre and post practice regimen. I can always feel the difference on days I may not take Vitargo.

The most important time for Vitargo for me is post weigh in. As most may know MMA fighters usually cut a decent amount of weight to get down to their set weight class. I compete at the 170-pound weight class and the first thing I drink when I step off the scale is Vitargo. It’s the only source of carbohydrates I know and trust will get my body back to where it needs to be without the bloating and stomach aches.

I don’t have to worry about aches nor indigestion when trying to refuel and carb up for the fight the next day. Vitargo is and always will be a staple in my training and fight routines for the entirety of my career! To the top we go!

Hannah Johnson

Hannah Johnson

Powerlifter / Firefighter

I operate heavy equipment and drive a tractor trailer on my off days

Favorite Flavor: Mango

“ What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within us out into the world, miracles happen.“ –Henry Stanley Haskins

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I’ve been using Vitargo since way back when I started powerlifting in 2006. It was known even back then as a great carb source that was advantageous before a meet for optimal strength and recovery after weigh-ins.

Once I started running the Firefighter Combat Challenge, I’ve used it as a way to fuel up before, during and after workouts. I usually have a scoop with my preworkout, then a scoop during the workout to help me finish maximum effort sprints. I also loved the info The Company put out on carb loading with Vitargo, and use it before competitions to carb and water load.

I started powerlifting in 2005, ended my equipped career in 2014 with best lifts of a 450 lb squat, 325 lb bench press and 480 lb deadlift. In 2015, I also totaled 1,000 lbs at 146 lb bodyweight with only a belt and knee wraps, which broke me into the top 20 all-time strongest women in the 148 lb weight class.

In 2013, I became a firefighter, and truly found what I would consider to be the best job in the world. Since then I have competed in the Firefighter Combat Challenge and placed as high as third in the world, as well as been a member on the world champion women’s relay team.

What I’ve learned over the years
It took me a long time to get here, but I’ve realized that it’s okay to take some time for yourself. As competitors we tend to push, push, push until we are mentally and physically exhausted.

Over the years I’ve learned that it’s important to prioritize based on where you are in life. Sometimes training has to take a backseat, sometimes family, friends, your own mental health and self-esteem have to be given time to grow and flourish. Don’t put yourself down because you missed a day in the gym. Be fully present in the moment, enjoy every small success that life gives you.

There is no right or wrong time to make the most of your life­—it’s all just time, and it’s running out.

Everett Sloan

Everett Sloan

National Strongman
Weight Lifter / Crossfit

From a wheelchair to
Strongman Champion

KETO Athlete using Vitargo

“Vitargo is an excellent product for people on a low carb diet or not. You can take it before training, boost your performance, and quickly get back into ketosis right after training.”

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For over 20 years, Canadian regional and national level Strongman, weightlifter & CrossFitter, Everett Sloan @coach.everett has been following a ketogenic diet. So how does a keto athlete training at high-intensities, involved in performance-based and glycogen-depleting sports incorporate carbs but still stay with a keto diet? Seeing his performance suffer due to the lack of carbs, Sloan was looking for a solution. He discovered Vitargo. The fast acting carbs enabled Sloan to train harder and perform better while sticking to his keto lifestyle.

Vitargo is a real game changer for him.

Everett’s Story
Growing up in Canada, Everett was an active individual wielding his father’s concrete-filled Weider weights in his basement. Once he hit college, he demonstrated a keen interest in bodybuilding and pursued that avenue for a couple of years which led to a modeling career. Everett eventually abandoned bodybuilding and moved on to compete in local powerlifting and strongman competitions, though that was short-lived as he didn’t like the toll it took on his body. For several years after that, he trained without real direction or purpose.

In 2005 Everett was involved in a severe motorcycle accident and was told he would not be able to walk again. Refusing to quit, he started moving around in his wheelchair in the hospital corridors for exercise. He defied the odds and fought his way back to his feet and into the gym.

One of the major challenges that Everett faced after the accident was his limited body movement. While relearning movements and finding ways to adapt, he turned to the web where he discovered CrossFit. Starting by incorporating some of the CrossFit methodologies in his workouts at the local gym, Everett eventually turned his garage into a gym where he and several friends trained. Everett finally joined a CrossFit box in 2010. It was there that he found the opportunity to compete in the CrossFit Canada East Regionals, which further inspired him. From that moment on, CrossFit became his passion. He decided to be a positive impact on the health and wellness of everyone in his life and in 2012, Everett opened Crossfit Bytown in Ottawa, Ontario.

Everett is happily married and a very proud father. He brings his passion for Crossfit into his gym every day for the clients he coaches and the members at Bytown Crossfit. Everett describes himself as an old school strongman trying his best to keep up with the youth in Crossfit.

Some of Everett’s results that were powered by Vitargo:
– 2016 Masters weightlifting championship (2nd 85kg)
– 2016 Wally Classic strongman (1st 80kg)
– 2017 Survivor Strong (1st <90kg)
– 2017 RibFest Strongman (2nd <90kg)
– 2017 Canada Strongest Man Under 200 (9th)
– 2017 Ontario Middleweight Champion Strongman

Everett Sloan’s Certifications:
– Crossfit Level 2 Trainer
– Crossfit Judges Course
– Crossfit Strongman
– Crossfit Gymnastics
– Crossfit Kettlebell
– Crossfit Mobility (No longer offered)
– Crossfit Coaches Prep Course (No longer offered)
– Crossfit Defence
– Crossfit Olympic Lifting
– Crossfit Rowing
– Crossfit Competitors Course
– Crossfit Kids
– Crossfit Endurance (No longer offered)
– Crossfit Aerobic Capacity
– Crossfit Nutrition (No longer offered)
– Gymnastic Bodies level 1
– Agatsu Movement & Mobility
– Agatsu Kettlebell Level 1
– RockTape Powertaping
– Part of CrossFit Strongman Seminar Staff
– Give’m Cold Steel Training Seminar
– Outlaw Olympic Lifting Seminar
– Matt Lalonde Nutritional Seminar
– ACE Certified Personal Trainer (since 1998)
– Standard First Aid/CPR/AED
– Ben Bergeron Regional ready training camp
– Defying Fitness Aerial Strength workshop
– Ben Bergeron The Business of Excellence Seminar
– Again Faster Business Seminar
– Box To Business Seminar
– StrongFit Principles and Philosophy of Training
– Movement flow seminar by Tyler Touchette of Caveman Strong
– Strongman / Strength seminar by Paul Vaillancourt of UF Gyms
– Wim Hof Breathing Method 10 week course
– Heart Rate Variability 3 week course from HRVTraining
– OPEX Flywheel bike course
– OPEX Science of Nutrition

Everett Sloan’s COMPETITIONS
– 2011 Brockville HUA (4th)
– 2011 Reebok Firebreather Trail
– 2012 CompWOD Team Cordis (4th)
– 2012 SweatRx Championship Team (3rd)
– 2012 Canada East Regionals Team (16th)
– 2012 Underground team Series (2nd)
– 2012 CompWOD Best of the Best Invitational (11th)
– 2012 Fortis Halloween Competition
– 2012 WOD4TOYS (2nd)
– 2013 Reebok Firebreather Trail (15th)
– 2013 Canada East Regionals Team (25th)
– 2014 Reebok Firebreather Trail (17th)
– 2014 Canada East Regionals Team (21st)
– 2014 Master of functional fitness (16th overall, 1st Canada)
– 2015 Masters of Functional Fitness (1st)
– 2015 Carp Fair Strongman (8th lightweight)
– 2015 Rowd Royalty (9th)
– 2015 Reebok Firebreather trail (12th)
– 2015 Frenze Series – new years revolution (2nd)
– 2015 Activ8 Grit Cup (1st)
– 2015 Frenze Summer Shakedown (4th)
– 2015 CAASA Strongman (1st lightweight)
– 2015 OPA GNC Classic (5th short mens physique)
– 2016 Masters weightlifting championship (2nd 85kg)
– 2016 Wally Classic strongman (1st 80kg)
– 2017 Survivor Strong (1st <90kg)
– 2017 RibFest Strongman (2nd <90kg)
– 2017 Canada Strongest Man Under 200 (9th)
– 2017 Ontario Middleweight Champion Strongman

Andy Reed

Dr. Andy Reed

Ultra Trail Runner

I’d rather sleep in
the back of my truck than in
a 4-star hotel.

Favorite Flavor: Lemon Lime

“I’m a trail runner and Sports Medicine MD from Canmore, Alberta who likes to go long! Nothing beats 100 miles in the mountains.”

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Trail and ultra runners know that calorie replacement during long training runs and races is something they must contend with in order to achieve peak performance.

Finding the right supplement can be a challenge. Runners strive to feed their working muscles while maintaining stomach comfort. Trail runner and ultra marathoner Andy Reed is among such athletes.

Reed found success with Vitargo, a unique carb supplement he uses before, during, and after his races as well as in his daily training. Before hitting the trail, Dr. Reed mixes a scoop or two of Vitargo with water. He continues to take Vitargo during his longer runs to fuel himself and avoid the dreaded “bonk”. Because Vitargo is proven to empty from the stomach 2.3x faster than all other sports drinks, Dr. Reed knows that not only does this provide great stomach comfort, his muscles get the “green light” sooner than they would if he was fueling with the other options (fats, proteins, sugars, or maltodextrin products).

If Dr. Reed plans to run multiple days in a row, he will make sure to have another scoop of Vitargo after the run for his recovery, which again, because of the speed of this carb, muscle glycogen recovery is proven to be faster and greater than the competitive products. Going into the next training session fully fueled will ensure Dr. Reed has the ability to achieve peak performance and extend the boundaries of his fitness day after day.

During ultramarathons, Dr. Reed relies on the liquid calories from Vitargo to power him through to the finish line. Reed is a fan of all of the different Vitargo flavors but has a favorite: the new Lemon-Lime.

For Dr. Andy Reed, Vitargo is an integral part of his training and race regimen. It is also important to him as a sports medicine doctor, that the Vitargo carb supplement is backed by solid science.

Shae Foudy

Shae Foudy

Professional SUP

Female Stand Up Paddleboarder of
The Year by @SUPthemag

What I love about Vitargo: It’s clean & vegan

“Vitargo is a product that I can truly, truly trust and it gives me confidence going into race day knowing that I have that source of fuel that I’m going to need.”

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“I’m commonly doing between 5 mile to 16 mile races so having a good carbohydrate source is super important as a lot of athletes and endurance athletes especially would know.”

Vitargo is the sole product that I use when it comes to competition-time. Knowing where it comes from and knowing that it’s clean and it’s a pretty simple product makes me super happy because I can trust that I’m getting clean, good resourceful fuel.”

Shae Foudy is a professional stand up paddleboarder born and raised in Dana Point, California. Shae has been using Vitargo for training and competition because she trusts in the product and the ingredients that go into it. Vitargo has given her the confidence to know that her body won’t bonk during a race and the ability to do back to back training sessions with optimal recovery.