Put your carbs to work for you 

The question isn’t whether or not to eat carbohydrate. If you exercise to enhance performance, you probably know you need carbohydrate in your diet to achieve that goal. The question I am most commonly asked is what, when and how to eat carbohydrate.  I answer by saying “put your carbs to work for you” 

Carbohydrates fuel physical action and mental function. The greater the intensity of your movement the more carbohydrate is required. Sitting at the desk, watching a movie, walking your dog, household chores, all use a tiny bit of carbohydrate, but not much.  

Why expect science?

A funny question coming from a scientist, but it’s a question that I am asked all the time. Can companies really prove all the things that they claim? Isn’t it too hard and too expensive to do research?

What I ask myself when companies make claims but don’t have any published research data to back them up is: don’t they want to know if their product works? Or improve it so it works better?

A new look outside, same great fuel inside! 

Vitargo has metamorphosed into a powerful new version of our self. We’ve rebuilt our website and curated our social media platforms to engage with our community. We have new flavors and a brighter look, and we are embracing our power to fuel exercisers at all levels, from everyday beginners to fitness enthusiasts, to elite and competitive athletes in all sports.