Dr. Susan Kleiner is the owner of High Performance Nutrition, LLC, a consulting firm in Mercer Island, Washington, and the Director of Science and Communication for Vitargo, Inc. She is also currently the High Performance Nutrition Consultant to the Seattle Storm.

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Dr. Sue Kleiner

Susan M. Kleiner,
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Dr. Susan Kleiner is the owner of High Performance Nutrition, LLC, a consulting firm on Mercer Island, Washington, and the Director of Science and Communication for Vitargo, Inc. She is also currently the High Performance Nutrition Consultant to the Seattle Storm.

Dr. Kleiner has consulted with many other professional teams and team members, including the Seattle Reign, Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Mariners, Seattle Thunderbirds and Seattle Supersonics, the Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Cavaliers, the Miami Heat, Olympians and elite athletes in countless sports. Dr. Kleiner has authored eight books, including the bestseller The New Power Eating, The Good Mood Diet®, and The POWERFOOD Nutrition Plan.

Dr. Kleiner is one of the foremost nutrition authorities on eating for strength, and her POWER EATING® program has reshaped the lives of thousands. The book is a bestseller and a leader in the field, and is now in its fifth edition and retitled The New Power Eating. Dr. Sue’s Good Mood Diet® Program arose from her observations that her clients’ moods and energy levels improved with their nutrition. The Good Mood Diet® program was featured in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and is the basis for her book, The Good Mood Diet: Feel great while you lose weight.

She is a visionary educator and motivator, speaking nationally and internationally on topics in the field of nutrition, health and performance. Dr. Kleiner consults with businesses interested in applying scientific evidence to product research and development, educational marketing and growth potential. She is a sought after expert interview as well as writer in all forms of print, online and broadcast media.

Dr. Kleiner’s credentials include a PhD in Nutrition and RD, FACN, CNS, FISSN certifications and honors. She is co-founder and fellow of the International Society of Sports Nutrition and a fellow of the American College of Nutrition, a member of The American College of Sports Medicine and The National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Dr. Kleiner is passionate about her volunteer teaching at Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. There is no nutrition or dietetic profession in Vietnam. As part of the Medical Education Exchange Team (www.meet-international.org), she teaches clinical nutrition to medical faculty and students, and is beginning the development of hospital-based clinical nutrition teams in the region. This is an enormous job, and anyone interested in joining Dr. Kleiner with this teaching endeavor should please contact her directly.

When she’s not passionately promoting healthy nutrition and fitness, Dr. Kleiner stays in a good mood by spending time in the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest with her husband and daughters. She loves lifting, cycling, yoga, dancing, hiking, playing piano, cooking, traveling, and cozying up with a good book and hot cocoa in the evening to let the intensity of the day slide away.

To contact Dr. Kleiner about consulting/counseling services and speaking engagements, send an email: susan@drskleiner.com.

Source: https://www.drskleiner.com/about/

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Dr. Susan Kleiner is a well respected sports nutritionist. She is the author of The Good Mood Diet and discusses how the food we eat can affect our mood and our ability to manage our weight. She is also the author of Power Eating written specifically to address exercise nutritional needs.

YouTube Video on Power Eating for Recovery – Recovery Drinks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fvu4xW8g0L4

Amazon Author Bio Page https://www.amazon.com/Susan-M.-Kleiner/e/B000APJDK8/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1548193392&sr=1-2-ent



Vitargo Steps to Success

Three Steps to Success

While this may sound simple, one of the hardest parts of creating lifestyle change is figuring out where to begin. Here are my three steps to success that I share with my clients, from the average person who wants to feel better to elite athletes who are going for gold. 


Women: Celebrate Your Femininity and Put Your Hormones to Work for You!

I have the great honor of working with women who strive to improve their health and performance in all aspects of their lives. Sometimes it’s in athletic competition, but just as often it is somewhere else in their lives, from having enough energy to take care of themselves, those around them, and still enjoy the parts of their days that are for fun and not obligation. We often blame our bodies and especially our unique feminine biology for an inability to be at our best. For eons women have been told that our biology works against us. That information is just plain wrong!


What is High Performance Nutrition?

There are so many ways to think about high performance. Most people go right to sports performance and athletes, but you don’t have to be an athlete to want peak performance. You can have a desire to perform at your best in all places and phases of your life. While you may want high performance on the court or the track, you might also want it in the courtroom, the boardroom, and even the bedroom. We can desire peak physical as well as mental performance from the time we are young students to old age.

Put your carbs to work for you 

The question isn’t whether or not to eat carbohydrate. If you exercise to enhance performance, you probably know you need carbohydrate in your diet to achieve that goal. The question I am most commonly asked is what, when and how to eat carbohydrate.  I answer by saying “put your carbs to work for you” 

Carbohydrates fuel physical action and mental function. The greater the intensity of your movement the more carbohydrate is required. Sitting at the desk, watching a movie, walking your dog, household chores, all use a tiny bit of carbohydrate, but not much.