Bill Julian’s MSc Affiliate Page

Bill has been part of Team Vitargo since 2013. He has very strong leadership skills yet is focused on promoting the development of true team cultures. He is a seasoned expert in product education and brand development dedicated to improving consumer awareness through education and science-based teaching. Bill has a unique combination of organizational and educational skills for complete business management and brand growth.

Bill holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology (Northern Illinois University). He has a vast knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, metabolism, and nutrition for optimizing human performance. He has experience working with top dietitians, nutritionists, and sports performance coaches from multiple teams and universities across the country. He has been a guest speaker for both graduate and undergraduate level university lectures. Additionally, he has been a primary investigator and research assistant on multiple clinical and university trials leading to new product development and validation of existing product claims. The most recent research study explored the effects of nitric oxide enhancement on high-intensity interval training and was published in 2021 (Current Research in Physiology).

Wrestling Coach

USA Wrestling Leader Membership since 2017. Head/Assistant coach for the Xtreme Wrestling Club in Byron, IL over the past 5 seasons. In 2020 the club sent 5 wrestlers to the IKWF state tournament but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the tournament was cancelled. This year the club looks to continue developing strong athletes and plans to send another round of young wrestlers to compete in the 2022 state tournament. Many of the young wrestlers that come through the Xtreme program have very successful high school and collegiate careers. Xtreme recently sent a wrestler to the Greco-Roman Olympic Trials.

Our club uses Vitargo because it is the superior choice for post weigh-in refueling and glycogen replenishment in weight-restricted athletes, actually making the entire process much safer and effective. Our wrestlers drink 1 scoop of Vitargo with a pinch of pink salt immediately after stepping off the scale as a part of our refueling and rehydration protocol.


Affiliate program.

As part of team Vitargo, we have set up this affiliate link for athletes to use and save 15% off their first purchase of Vitargo.

For decades, Vitargo has helped fuel the athletic performances of athletes all over the world – from youth athletes enjoying their early years in sport to NCAA champions. Vitargo provides the necessary energy for athletes to compete at their very best – regardless of age and ability. Only Vitargo’s unique formula has been shown in multiple published studies to provide quick fuel to exercising muscles when solid food and sugary sports drinks are not an option. Use Vitargo before practices and games to top of glycogen “the athletes gas tank”, use Vitargo during games and tournament play to stay hydrated and fueled, OR use Vitargo afterwards to enhance recovery and help deliver essential recovery nutrients when taken in combination with protein and nutrient dense meals.