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shae foudy vitargo vegan carb supplement

It can be a challenge for vegan and gluten-free endurance athletes to find a carbohydrate supplement that they can use and trust. Professional stand up paddleboarder Shae Foudy trusts Vitargo as her gluten-free, vegan supplement source.

Foudy is a gluten-free, vegan athlete, due to food allergies as well as being passionate about clean eating, so it is very important to her that Vitargo is both gluten-free and vegan. Vitargo is certified vegan, gluten-free, kosher, halal, and every batch tested to be Banned Substance & Control Group Certified Drug-Free.

Foudy has been trusting Vitargo as a clean carbs source for four years. She puts her confidence in Vitargo on race day and her everyday training. Vitargo is the go-to source of body fuel that she needs to power through to the finish line.




Hi I’m Shae Foudy and I’m a professional stand-up paddle boarder. So I was asked why I use Vitargo. Right now I could tell you I’m currently preparing for a really big race that’s happening tomorrow in Oregon and this would be the perfect time to tell you why I use it.

So I am a gluten-free and vegan athlete, so I’m also allergic to gluten and dairy, so it’s both by choice and by force, but Vitargo is a product that I can truly, truly trust and it gives me confidence going into race day knowing that I have that source of fuel that I’m going to need.

I’m commonly doing between 5 mile to 16 mile races so having a good carbohydrate source is super important as a lot of athletes and endurance athletes especially would know.

For me especially knowing where the product I’m using you know especially Vitargo because that’s the sole product that I use when it comes to competition time knowing where it comes from and knowing that it’s clean and it’s a pretty simple product is um makes me super happy because I can trust that I’m getting clean good resourceful fuel.

So the Vitargo does just that and I honestly it would this will be my I believe fourth year using Vitargo so I definitely could attest to the fact that it works. It definitely works and it just gives you the energy that you need when you need it most. So that’s why I use Vitargo – it gives me the confidence and the fuel to power me through every day whether it be training or for a big competition. Thanks!

shae foudy vitargo vegan carbs


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