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Firefighter and Firefighter Combat Challenge participant, Hannah Johnson trains hard every day. She started using Vitargo about 12 years ago as a competitive powerlifter. She used the fast carbs in Vitargo mixed with water as a way to rehydrate after weigh-ins.

Once she became a firefighter and her workout routine completely changed, she used Vitargo to fuel her training during recruit school. It made a huge difference in her capabilities and did not cause bloating or nausea, which is very important when your work involves intense physical activity in extreme heat.

Johnson considers the fast acting carbs of Vitargo mixed with water an indispensable part of her pre, intra and post workout routine for a sustained energy source and to maintain hydration.

For Hannah Johnson, Vitargo is a vital part of her routine.

Hannah Johnson: Hey you guys. This is Hannah Johnson. I’m actually in my car right now, waiting for a thunderstorm to pass. I wanted to do a real quick video for you guys about why I use Vitargo and my background on it.

As many of you already know, I was a competitive powerlifter for a little over 10 years. I was first introduced to Vitargo maybe sometime around 2005 or 2006. It was a fantastic way to rehydrate after weigh-ins. Over the years, that was primarily what I used it for. I didn’t really do a lot of cardio or volume training at that point to where I felt like I needed an extra carb source.

In 2013, I joined the fire department. I became a firefighter. It’s the best job in the world but my training had to change. It changed a lot. Actually, it was like a complete 180 from what I had been doing for so many years. All of a sudden, I was doing a lot of cardio and a lot of really, really strenuous physical activity over and over and over again with all this training in recruit school.

I started actually supplementing with Vitargo while I was in recruit school for the fire department. It made a pretty profound difference in my work capabilities. The most important thing for me with Vitargo is that I don’t get nauseated.

When you’re under a heavy workload and you’re doing extremely physical, intense activity, you tend to get really — I don’t know what is the right word but, for me personally, I really can’t eat heavily or eat at all when I’m doing a lot of work, especially in the heat.

Vitargo, to me, is almost indispensable for that purpose because what it does for me is it helps me to really, really stay hydrated and carbed up. That sustained source of energy throughout the workout and also as a post-workout. I actually mix up Vitargo before I start working out. I take a scoop while I’m actually intra-workout. Then also I will use it post-workout too.

We would love to hear some feedback from you guys about how you use it and what your interests are with it. If you have any questions, just let us know. Thanks.

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Fast Acting Carbs Vitargo Hannah Johnson

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