Everett Sloan


A lifelong athlete and gym rat when life was turned upside down by a bad motorcycle accident in 2005. I was told I would never walk again, and almost lost my leg. I would quickly prove them wrong. I started to better understand about how the body truly works. I managed to build myself back up and keep getting better with age. I then decided to try to be a positive impact on the health and wellness of everyone in my life. I opened Crossfit Bytown in 2012.

A national level competitor in Strongman, Weight Lifting, and Crossfit. A passionate coach and dedicated father.

Hi I’m Everett Sloan, I own CrossFit Bytown in Ottawa, Ontario. I’ve competed at a regional level in CrossFit and weightlifting and in a strong man. I’m currently the provincial champion strong man and competed at a national level in that as well.

I’ve been on a keto genic diet for health reasons since 1996 and never really used any carbs. Unfortunately, all the sports that I’ve chosen are very glycolytic demanding and my performance had suffered, when I discovered Vitargo several years ago, I started using that prior to training and was able to perform much better and recover much better.

It’s been a real game changer and I’d like to thank the folks at Vitargo for giving me the opportunity to help increase my performance and to continue competing at such a high level. It’s an excellent product for people on a low carb diet or not. You can take it before training, boost your performance, and quickly get back into ketosis right after the training. It has been truly a game changer in how I feel. Thank you.

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